What would you say if I told you a $100M donation was coming to your church and you would NEVER have to talk about money again?

Right from the start I want to give proper credit to the insightful team at Auxano – specifically a recent webinar hosted by Kent Vincent and Gregg Gibbs where they talked about the “$100M Test,” asking how your church would react to a donation of $100M.

The test is – Would that sort of financial injection mean no more mention of money from the pulpit? Before you answer, let’s think through some of the prior concepts I’ve presented in TGS…especially as it pertains to giving as a form of worship. Do you lean towards saying “yes….we would definitely stop mentioning money since our needs will have been met by the gigantic gift?”

If so, I would love to hear how you arrive at that position…and have a few follow up questions. For instance, why would you strive to avoid talking about something Jesus addressed so frequently? Are there other forms of worship with a price tag on them? Could someone donate $500k if your worship leader would stop using the bass guitar and instead insert a mandolin?

Here’s the key question – how do we REALLY think about money for ministry? Is it an inconvenient interruption to the things we’d much prefer to do…or is it a vital aspect of the life and growth of a follower of Christ? I would submit to you that desiring to remove any and all mentions of money from your worship experience is to completely miss the mark. You say, “but if we had the $100M how could we, in good conscience, ask people to keep giving?” and I would ask, how could you, in good conscience and obedience NOT ask people to give? If giving is a form of worship (and it is), not inviting giving is to deprive the people of a Divinely ordained way to thank the Lord for His goodness and to play an important role in the ministry.

The goal of church is NOT to get to a place where we NEVER again need to address the issue of money. And I’ll add this…instead of seeking ways to avoid discussion of giving, your church will benefit greatly by embracing and teaching how giving fits into the journey of following Christ fully, opening up EVERY aspect of our lives to his leading. We would love to help you implement these ideas by talking with your leadership about where your ministry currently stands, where it wants to go, what the current support structure looks like, and how it can move to an even healthier position.

If you’d like to have that conversation, I sure hope to hear from you via email at thegivingseries@gmail.com

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