Today, we explore ideas for encouraging recurring digital givers to increase the amount of their recurring digital gifts. Let me say that once more…your church MUST have a plan for encouraging recurring digital givers to increase the amount of their recurring digital gifts.

Why? Because IF you believe giving is an act of worship and IF you believe there is a spiritual benefit to celebrating the opportunity to give and IF you want your church family to give careful consideration to their giving THEN accepting the “set it and forget it” approach to recurring digital giving is unacceptable.

We “set and forget” our online payments for Netflix, utilities, cable, Uber eats, Spotify – you get the idea. But if that same mindset guides our giving to the Lord, we insult Him and shortsheet the giver by not inviting, thanking, and even challenging them to give careful consideration to their offering.

Here we go…

1 – Learn how to say thank you. Do you excel in the art of thankfulness? The #1 reason someone doesn’t give is they aren’t asked. The #2 reason is they never felt appreciated for the gift they did give.

First, it means more than a simple throwaway line during the giving “information” moment. Hopefully by now, I’ve convinced you that the offering belongs in the flow of worship, with “inspirational” God stories as part of the moment. Adding 20 seconds of appreciation for the faithful support of the church is a great first step in showing appreciation.

Expressing gratitude will make a big difference for the giver wondering if they’re really an important part of the ministry.

2 – Through a quarterly targeted email campaign directed to your recurring monthly digital givers, share a special “God story” they haven’t heard anywhere else, remind them that their support of the church helped make that story possible, and invite them to consider increasing their monthly support by 3%.

Share, thank, invite.

3 – Put more thought into your online gift receipts. I’m stunned by the number of churches and other ministries that allow the online donation vendor to simply send out a generic “your gift has been received” notice at the conclusion of a successful donation. That, my friends, is an insult to the giver. If you want your church to be thought in a different light than Amazon and WalMart, then get better at thanking your givers.

Thank them. Thank them often.

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