In Part 1 of this series on Recurring Digital Giving, I laid out the framework for the discussion on how your church can most effectively address the huge shift in giving habits, patterns, and practices from your church family.

For better or for worse, and the assessment of that is certainly open to interpretation, giving to your ministry will never again look the same as it did just one year ago.

Those days are over and everyone would be wise to invest their time and energy into making sure the embracing of the new giving era is done with sincerity, enthusiasm, and excellence.

In my study of multiple online church service livestreams, I’ve seen an extremely troubling trend – the trading of inspiration for mere information. Churches have removed any sort of “giving moment” from the flow of the service and replaced with a “pregame show” mindset that viewers see before the “real service” starts. The audience is is greeted warmly by a host…and that host brings a barrage of information – much of it needed…but in that info dump, the host includes guidance on how someone watching can give their offering.

We hear the web URL, sometimes a texting to give option, and the mailing address. There are usually some on screen graphics to support the information…and then we move on to the start of the service.

And at no point is the worship aspect of giving addressed. You’re replacing inspiration with information. And it completely derails the biblical perspective on giving. It also shortcircuits ANY chance that someone watching will be touched, moved, or inspired.

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