This is the first of a 3-part discussion on the blessings and challenges of an increase in online, recurring gifts to your church.

With all the challenges brought to churches during the pandemic era, there were also a tremendous amount of blessings. Most of you developed or improved your ability to communicate digitally, many for the first time ever. You invested more time and resources into improved production quality, social media content and scheduling, and found innovative ways to serve your church family and community.

And from the standpoint of giving, when the plates were no longer being passed, you pivoted quickly and effectively to encourage and accept online giving. If you didn’t, the chances are strong you couldn’t pay this month’s internet bill and likely can’t see this video.

So, you’ve been creative…nimble…embraced new technology even though a year ago many of these changes would have caused your entire leadership team to break out in hives.

But getting lost in all of this transition to digital giving is…worship.

If you believe that giving is a form of worship AND have a congregation that has transferred its giving to an online interaction – are you still incorporating the worship aspects of giving in your service?

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions about what we’ve discussed here.

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